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Avec plus de 44 ans d’expérience, K. McElligott Excavation est votre choix pour l’excavation, la démolition, le déneigement et plus encore. Notre équipe d’experts est entièrement équipée et formée pour répondre à tous vos besoins.

With over 44 years of experience, K. McElligott Excavation is your number one choice for excavation, demolition, snow removal and more. Our team of experts are fully equipped and trained to fix all your needs.


” These guys are top in the business and have been around a long time. When many others could not understand my needs and could not even be bothered to give me a quotation, they stepped in and got the job done. And most importantly, they stand by their work and support their customers– that’s old school and not something you find with the “fly-by-night” operations that come and go! Call the pros at McElligott and get the job done like it should be! ”
– Bill


” Une entreprise familiale qui donne un service exceptionnel. Autant pour la rapidité, la qualité que la courtoisie. Des gens de confiance. ”
– Anonyme


” Excavation experts!! DIG IT!! ” – Brian, Pointe Claire


” C’est les meilleurs!! ” – Nathalie, Rigaud


Rated 5 stars


In loving memory of
Kenneth McElligott